About Us

Richard Jones


I grew up in a household with a family business, so I learned from the bottom up. My Grandfather started a wallpaper manufacturing company in the forties, and I learned at an early age the value of money and what it meant to work to make an honest living.

After graduating from Darien High School I worked for my Father's company full time - I had been working summers for many years prior - while also attending night school at NCC for Business. We sold the property in Stamford in 1983, and I subsequently started my own business shortly thereafter. I formed Richard Jones Lawn and Landscaping in 1985 and Richard Jones Landscaping LLC in 2005. 

I was born and raised in this area, so I have very strong ties here. I have watched the community grow and experienced all the changes that stem from growth. 

I plan on continuing to provide the best quality work possible at the best value around.

Linda Galyas

Business Manager

Andreea Chidu

Website Builder

Company History

I started this business in 1983 as a handyman service that included some landscaping as well. It became Richard Jones Landscaping and Home Improvements. As my business shifted to mostly landscaping in 1985, I changed the name and to Richard Jones Lawn and Landscaping operating as a sole proprietorship for the next 20 years. As I watch the company and the business climate evolve, I decided to make the company an LLC. We currently have 6 employees, and we select subcontractors when necessary.

All throughout these changes, my business philosophy has remained the same: To provide my customers the best quality and service at a reasonable price. Honesty and integrity are the most important aspect of any business. I try to save my customers money where I can and provide the highest value possible.

Our Guarantee

We are professional landscapers. This is what we do six days a week, 12 months a year. We take pride in our work and have set very high standards for ourselves.

We guarantee our installations for workmanship for one year; it used to be that nurseries guaranteed the plant materials for one year. This is no longer the case on the wholesale level. If they sell retail, then the price they charge for materials and labor reflect the cost of the guarantee.

We will guarantee plant materials for one year, as well, but we have to charge accordingly. I am not in a position to say we are less expensive, but our prices are reasonable.

We also guarantee that the amount of materials used is 100% percent accurate. I have seen examples of this not being the case with some providers in the area. 

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee tree transplants. However, our success rate is very high due to the attention to detail, timing and the use of organic soil amendments that help rebuild root systems quickly.